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Welcome to Soya UK

Soya UK Ltd began in the year 2000. Since then we have built a reputation for quality, innovation and good service with farmers and growers throughout the UK.

Initially, we began with the commercial introduction of new Soya and Lupin varieties that had come available to us from plant breeders in the Ukraine. Since then we have diversified our activities as new varieties and crops have become available to us from different plant breeders from around the world. We now deal in a range of crops including Soya, White Lupins, Blue Lupins, White (Mammoth) Millet, Red Millet, Winter & Spring Triticale and Wholecrop mixtures.

Today we are the largest supplier of Soya, Lupin and Millet seed in the UK.

Soya UK announce
New Trading Partnership with
AB Mauri - naturaSoy


Good looking crop of #soya #senescing in the sun yesterday in #Lincolnshire #agriculture #spring #breakcrop #crop #farmers

While the lupins might have fallen slightly short on yield last year, they certainly have contributed to a fantastic crop of wheat behind

45 tons off 10 acres, I’ll leave the tough maths with you


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We always aim to produce our seed in the UK, to ensure quality at all times



Mammoth Millet