Wholecrop is rapidly gaining in popularity for a number of reasons:

Escalating protein costs. Soya and other protein sources has become increasingly expensive in recent years. Wholecrop lupin mixtures can replace bought-in soya and other protein sources, saving the farmer a fortune in bought-in protein. With livestock and dairy margins tight, and the largest single cost on UK dairy and livestock farms being the bought-in feed costs, feeding wholecrop reduces the need for supplementary feedstuffs, and saves large amounts of money.

Wholecrop can be produced using on-farm skills and equipment. It is generally much cheaper to grow than maize, and can also be harvested in August, allowing an Autumn sowing to take place of either grass, winter cereals, or a winter forage like kale.

Wholecrop option:-

Tyne Mix

Spring Flexi Mix

Winter Flexi Mix

Avon Mix

Trent Mix

Cherwell Mix



Spring Triticale & Blue Lupins

Vetch & Triticale

Vetch & Triticale

Spring Triticale & White Lupins

Spring Wheat & White Lupins

Spring Oats & Blue Lupins


Wholecrop option:-

Logo Spring Triticale

White Lupins

Blue Lupins

Straight cropping

A superior alternative to wholecrop spring wheat, barley, or oats.
Read more about the Spring Triticale.

For most wholecrop situations where a straight Lupin silage is desired.

An option for wholecrop situations in the North where a straight Lupin silage is desired.

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