The introduction of a Spring-sown Triticale in 2003 brought this excellent crop within reach of many more UK livestock farmers who prefer to plant crops in the Spring. Triticale is an excellent cereal feedstuff with high levels of protein and lysine. The crop is also easy to grow, has low input requirements and is very suitable for both wholecrop and combining.  After a number of years selling seperate varieties of winter and spring triticale, we now sell just one all-purpose variety - Amarillo.


Advantages of Amarillo

Amarillo also has the advantage of being able to be sown in either the spring or the autumn. This gives growers a high degree of flexibility.

  • Can be sown in either the spring or the autumn.
  • A top yielding Winter / Alternative Triticale with excellent disease resistance.
  • Highly productive but low input.
  • Very good all round disease resistance.
  • Rabbit resistant - Rabbits avoid eating triticale.
  • A wide window of sowing from late September through to March.
  • An excellent variety for all soils.
  • Early harvesting variety.
  • High protein and lysine content.
  • Good yield of quality straw.
  • Ideal for wholecrop, either on its own or in mixture with vetch.

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