Soya UK Seeds

Soya UK can supply the following range of seeds:

Lupins »

Soya UK have a wide choice of varieties for each of the agricultural Lupin species (White, Blue and Yellow) enabling us to tailor the correct variety for your region, land type and desired end use.

Soya »

We are increasing the area of Soya grown in the UK, with the new varieties that we have been preparing over recent years. We now have varieties that are light-years ahead of those available 10 years ago, and the crop now offers the potential for excellent yields and quality. The Soya market has seen a continued rise as demand has begun to out-strip supply due to rapidly increasing demand from the Asian market. Values are high and therefore Soya offers good potential margins, as well as being a fantastic break crop.

Mammoth Millet »

Soya UK are the UK's biggest and longest-standing producer of Millet for the bird-seed market. Values are high and millet offers good potential margins, as well as being a very useful late sown break crop that is cheap and easy to grow. Soya UK operate full buy-back contracts for the production of millet. You can read the millet page, download an information sheet, watch a video on millet, or contact us for further information.

Wholecrop Mixtures »

Soya UK have led the development of various Lupin-based wholecrop mixtures since 2002. With the dramatic up-take of these Wholecrop mixtures in recent years and the ever increasing pressure on costs of production, we anticipate further demand and are constantly looking to improve and add new cropping options enabling us to cater for huge variations in livestock production systems, soil, climate and regional conditions.