About Soya UK Ltd

Quality Seeds, Good Advice, Good Business

At Soya UK we believe in supplying the best products and varieties available. In addition we have always aimed to provide good service, good advice and good business to our customers. We are a small team and aim to guide you from day one with variety selection right through to harvest and the marketing or utilisation of your crop. New crops such as Lupins, Millet and Soya offer excellent opportunities for UK farmers, and we hope you will consider growing with us.

Who's who?

Directors David & Jacqui McNaughtonDavid & Jacqui McNaughton, are the Directors of Soya UK. After some considerable time spent working within the seed industry, David began Soya UK in 2000 when new varieties of Lupins and Soya became available. Jacqui is qualified in Horticulture and Accounts as well as being BASIS qualified.

Assistant Daniel DunningIn 2005 we were joined by Dan Dunning. He is involved in all aspects of Soya UK activities, including seed sales to farmers and merchant trade, customer advice and support through the growing season. Dan meets many growers through field-walking crops during the summer.

Administrative support Michele Watkins

Michele Watkins joined us in 2006 and provides our administrative support and keeps us organised.

How we began

Soya UK Ltd began in 2000, and have built a reputation for quality, innovation and good service with farmers and growers throughout the UK. Initially, we began with the commercial introduction of new Soya and Lupin varieties that had come available to us from plant breeders in the Ukraine.

Since then we have diversified our activities as new varieties and crops have become available to us from different plant breeders around the world. We now deal in a range of crops including: Soya, White Lupins, Blue Lupins, Yellow Lupins, Mammoth Millet, Spring Triticale and Wholecrop mixtures. Today we are the largest supplier of Soya and Lupin seed in the UK.

In addition to our activities as seed merchants, we are involved in seed production, crop trading and exporting and also farming in our own right. We offer a number of opportunities to UK farmers for the production of high quality feedstuffs for home, as well as providing profitable break crop options to the UK arable farmer.