Why Wholecrop?

Wholecrop is rapidly gaining in popularity for a number of reasons:

  • Escalating protein costs. Soya and other protein sources has become increasingly expensive in recent years. Wholecrop lupin mixtures can replace bought-in soya and other protein sources, saving the farmer a fortune in bought-in protein. With livestock and dairy margins tight, and the largest single cost on UK dairy and livestock farms being the bought-in feed costs, feeding wholecrop reduces the need for supplementary feedstuffs, and saves large amounts of money.
  • Wholecrop can be produced using on-farm skills and equipment. It is generally much cheaper to grow than maize, and can also be harvested in August, allowing an Autumn sowing to take place of either grass, winter cereals, or a winter forage like kale.

Wholecrop - Mixtures

Download below PDF's for more information on each mix, regarding agronomy, costs, yield & analysis etc.

Wholecrop option    Mixtures    Download document (PDF)
Tyne MixSpring Triticale & Blue LupinsTyne Mix   (260 kb)
Spring Flexi MixVetch & TriticaleSpring Flexi Mix   (226 kb)
Winter Flexi MixVetch & TriticaleWinter Flexi Mix   (252 kb)
Avon MixSpring Triticale & White LupinsAvon Mix   (181 kb)
Trent MixSpring Wheat & White LupinsTrent Mix   (169 kb)
Clyde MixSpring Triticale & Yellow LupinsClyde Mix   (170 kb)
Cherwell MixSpring Oats & Blue LupinsCherwell Mix   (169 kb)
Hamble MixSpring Barley & Yellow LupinsHamble Mix   (172 kb)

[To view PDF pdf format documents you will need a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.]

Wholecrop options - Straight cropping options

Wholecrop option    Straight cropping    
Logo Spring TriticaleA superior alternative to wholecrop spring wheat, barley, or oats. Read more about the Spring Triticale.
White LupinsFor most wholecrop situations where a straight Lupin silage is desired.
Yellow LupinsA new option for wholecrop situations in the North where a straight Lupin silage is desired.
Blue LupinsFor wholecrop situations in the very North, where a straight Lupin silage is desired.

Pre-inoculated Seed Exclusively from Soya UK

In 2007, Soya UK developed and introduced the process of pre-inoculating Lupin mixes.

This system simplifies the drilling operation by avoiding the need for the grower to inoculate the seed in the drill with separate sachets, and will allow growers of larger areas to take seed in 500kg bags, ready to go into the drill.

Since then, this has become our standard system, and remains exclusive to Soya UK Ltd. Seed is still available for situations where the use of sachets is preferable. Pre-inoculated seed is available in either 500kg or 25kg bags.