With worldwide demand for soya increasing steadily over recent years, the price of soya has increased steadily with it. Huge demand from China and South East Asia, as well as bio-fuels use, and increasing demand for GM free Soya, have all served to more than double the price of soya beans in the last five years. There is huge market demand here in the UK, and with new varieties and our extensive knowledge of the crop, Soya UK are well placed to provide for this market. We can offer contracts for both conventional and organic growers in the southern half of the UK.

Contracts available

  • Seed Production.
  • Identity Preserved.
  • Commercial.
  • Organic.

Crop values remain high, and growers on light land in the South can grow this late-sown crop.

Why grow Soya?

  • Excellent, low input break crop.
  • Late sowing offers flexibility in the rotation.
  • Minimal pest & disease problems.
  • Opportunity to clear up persistent weed problems, especially grass weeds.
  • Leaves high nitrogen legacy for following crop.
  • Easy to combine, leaves no trash, does not lodge, shed or split.
  • No volunteer problems in following crop.
  • There is a HUGE market for our UK grown, non-GM Soya varieties.


New varieties for UK Soya production are now available. Our flagship variety Elena has been bred with the emphasis being on yield, standing ability and earliness.

Seed available single purpose dressed or re-cleaned only.