Mammoth Millet

Following the remarkable success of Mammoth millet over recent years, Soya UK will be placing further acreage on full buy-back contract for Mammoth millet next Spring.

In 2004 we embarked on a series of trials with 12 growers taking part in commercial trials of a new variety of white millet (also known as proso millet) called "Mammoth" millet. Mammoth performed very well and more than met our highest expectations. Mammoth is a very productive, short-season crop and even in the cold, wet seasons of 2004, 2007, and 2012, the crop was harvested within an acceptable time frame.

There is substantial market demand for millet grain and after more than 10 years of success we have concluded that the crop is here to stay. Once again, we are placing contract acreage for next spring.

Why Mammoth Millet?

  • Early harvesting variety.
  • Good standing ability.
  • Cheap and easy to grow.
  • No significant pests or disease.
  • Very good break crop.
  • High value niche market.
  • 130 - 135 day crop for dry combining.
  • Markets prefer UK-grown crop.